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Nachhilfelehrerin: Natascha

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weiblich / 25
PLZ Ort:49078 Osnabrück

Nachhilfeangebot: Native-bilingual tutor/translator in English & Spanish

Fächer:English, Spanish
Klasse/Niveau:von: 1 bis: UNI
Unterrichtsart:Einzel- und Gruppenunterricht
Gruppengröße: maximal 2 Schüler
Unterrichtsort:bei Lehrer oder Schüler
Ausführliche Beschreibung des Angebots:I have more than 5 years international teaching experience from school and university level right through to adults. I’m offering private tutoring and translating services: solo, in groups or online all of which will be personalized to suit your needs and interests.

Born in South Africa and lived abroad for 13 years in Chile provided me with the opportunity to teach and learn more languages. I speak 4 languages and am fluent in English, Spanish and Afrikaans. Currently learning German - comprehension skills are higher than my speaking skills. This will improve over time :).
Entfernung zum Schüler:maximal 25 km

Meine Qualifikation

Höchster Schulabschluss:Hochschule
Qualifikation:ESL teacher
Zusätzliche Qualifikationen und Referenzen:Homeschooled a grade 3 for 7 months; taught internationally at both public and private schools; experience in retail, translating, administration, marketing, and product development. Side note; taught Figure Skating classes in Santiago, Chile, South America.

Meine Erfahrung

Lehrerfahrung:3+ Jahre
Details:Private/group lessons, online, schools, university leve
Warum gebe ich gern Unterricht:I am passionate about meeting people from around the world and offering my skills and knowledge wherever possible in order to encourage them to grow and achieve their goals/targets. I love teaching as I learn to from my students and am in the process able to mound them into a more global minded and tolerant human being. I like seeing my students succeed. With success comes failure occasionally, but one should never give up and thus push forward. I am here for that!
20122017Nido de Aguilas English,Maths, Science, History
20122017English todayEnglish and Spanish

Meine Preise

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Klasse / Niveau 1.-6.7.-10.11.-13.FHUniSprachenAndere
Preis € / 45min 20,0020,0020,0020,0020,0020,0020,00
Distanz 1 - 5km6 - 15 km16 - 30 km> 30 km
Fahrtkosten / €: 10,0015,0020,0020,00

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