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Nachhilfelehrerin: Tessa

zuletzt aktiv: 25.06.2019

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weiblich / 25
PLZ Ort:69117 Heidelberg

Nachhilfeangebot: Patient, Interesting, Efficent & Experienced Classes!

Fächer:German, English, Spanish, Ethics, Religion, Literature, History, Politics, Psychology
Klasse/Niveau:von: 1 bis: UNI
Unterrichtsart:Einzel- und Gruppenunterricht
Gruppengröße: maximal 2 Schüler
Unterrichtsort:beim Schüler
Lehrsprachen:Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch
Ausführliche Beschreibung des Angebots: Dear Students,

I am a native Standard-German speaker, translator (EnglishGermanSpanish), language manager and teacher holding certificates in various languages, translating, teaching, interpreting and in creative writing with six years of teaching and three years of translating, transcribing, proofreading, voice-over experience.
I offer patient, affordable, diversified, efficient, flexible and individual online/face-to-face lessons in the indicated subjec For Woman & Children of all levels and needs, as well as exam preparations.

My long and vast experience in studying various and different languages such as English, Spanish, French, Hindi, Arabic, Korean, Indonesian, Turkish, Greek, Italian... enabled me to gain a profound understanding of the acquisition of languages, their differences and similarities as well as the best teaching tools and ways of learning languages in general.

Besides my knowledge in languages, I also studied Humanities, Sociology and Psychology, which enriched my teaching methods and understanding as well as my competence as a patient and empathetic teacher even more.

Not only do I put high importance on the general acquisition of a language such as speaking, vocabulary, comprehension, writing and so on, but also on the cultural, historical and social frame in which every language is embedded to enable an even deeper and complex understanding of a language. Saying that, my lessons do not only contain the acquisition of the language in general but also include the teaching of the history, culture, politic, social landscape, culinary and tourism that is linked with the language and world in which it is embedded.

I would like to share my knowledge, experience and passion for languages and help you to achieve your personal goal in an efficient but also entertaining way.

Online Lessons all year long!
Next Face-To-Face Lessons and Workshops will be announced soon!

I am looking forward to helping you reach your goal within a short time!

- Teaching assistance & internships in language schools in Germany & Abroad - F&U Heidelberg , IASIS - NGO Athen, Comunity Hall Adelaide, Smile Foundation Mumbai...
- German teaching in Language Schools, Casa de Lenguas, F&U
- German teaching on private and on freelance basis,
- English Teaching Certificate, Cambridge Certificate, SGD Darmstadt, ICAL Florenz,
- EnglishGerman translation service,
- German transcription & proofreading services:
company bonded and on freelance basis, OneHourTranslation
- German teaching for A-Levels, Intermediate, non-English speaker, exam preparations, conversation, DaF-preparation...
- Creative Writing course in German language, Laudius,
- Course in German language, culture, history, geography, politics, society..., Akad University Stuttgart...
- Work as a professional translator, transcriber, proofreader, voice-over artist and language manager,
Amara, Vimeo, SFera, OneHourTranslation...
Entfernung zum Schüler:maximal 15 km

Meine Qualifikation

Höchster Schulabschluss:Grundstudium
Qualifikation:(see above)

Meine Erfahrung

Lehrerfahrung:3+ Jahre
Details:More than 5 years teaching experience
Warum gebe ich gern Unterricht:See above
20152016Casa De LenguasTeaching Assistent Casa De Lenguas
20132016F&U,,,,,(see above)Work Experience
20152019Varioustranslator / language teacher

Meine Preise

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Klasse / Niveau 1.-6.7.-10.11.-13.FHUniSprachenAndere
Preis € / 45min 11,5011,5011,5011,5011,5011,5011,50
Distanz 1 - 5km6 - 15 km16 - 30 km> 30 km
Fahrtkosten / €: 3,005,00neinnein

Meine Verfügbarkeit

Ich bin auch für kurzfristige Termine verfügbar!

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