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zuletzt aktiv: 18.06.2019

Tandem-Partnerin: Stefanie

zuletzt aktiv: 18.06.2019

Gesuch ist:aktiv
weiblich / 26
PLZ Ort:26127 Oldenburg

Tandemgesuch: Seeking native english tandem partner, offering german

Biete Sprachen:Deutsch (Muttersprache)
Suche Sprachen:English
Mein Sprachniveau:von: intermediate bis: advanced
Sprachniveau des Tandempartners:Muttersprachler (native speaker)
Beschreibung, Erwartungen und Ziele:Hi,

I am studying English but I still struggle with grammar and spontaneous speech, so your help would be very welcome :)
I would love to have some practical language practice, and it would be great if a native speaker would like to set up a tandem exchange with me (it needen't be regular but it can). In return, I can teach you the german language in rescpect to grammar, common phrases, formal speech and whatever else you'd like to learn. Of course, just chatting in our respective languages would also help to improve each others language skills and interesting conversations about all topics are welcome :)
See you!

I haven't got premium memebreship yet, so please if you can contact me. Thank you!
Umkreis:maximal 25 km

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