Tandem-Partner Len1

zuletzt aktiv: 24.04.2019

Tandem-Partnerin: Len

zuletzt aktiv: 24.04.2019

Gesuch ist:aktiv
weiblich / 36
PLZ Ort:20259 Hamburg

Tandemgesuch: Learn German, while exploring Hamburg & German culture!

Biete Sprachen:Griechisch (Muttersprache), Englisch
Suche Sprachen:Deutsch
Mein Sprachniveau:von: A2 bis: B2
Sprachniveau des Tandempartners:Muttersprachler (native speaker)
Beschreibung, Erwartungen und Ziele:Hallo! I moved in Hamburg some months ago and I'm looking for a tandem partner to improve my speaking skills and become more fluent in German.
At the moment, I understand more than I can speak..!

In exchange, I can help people improve their English language skills, both for everyday conversations and on a more advanced level. I have a Proficiency Certificate from the Cambridge University, I have studied and worked in England for many years and I still work in English at my current job.

We could meet once or twice a week for a walk, coffee/drink or food, and/or explore together the beautiful city of Hamburg!

Umkreis:maximal 10 km

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