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Tandem-Partner: Benjamin

zuletzt aktiv: 15.11.2018

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Tandemgesuch: Looking for nice conversations

Biete Sprachen:Deutsch (Muttersprache), Englisch
Suche Sprachen:Japanisch, Englisch
Mein Sprachniveau:von: A1 bis: C1
Sprachniveau des Tandempartners:Egal
Beschreibung, Erwartungen und Ziele:Hey everyone,
I'm Benjamin, 30 years old from Germany. I'm looking for english native speakers to have conversations with. I'm soon moving to the U.S. so I want to improve my language skills. Besides I would like to start learning japanese again. I already had aquired a beginner level a few years ago but I never had a chance to use it, so I forgot almost everything. So any japanese native speaker is welcome too!
If you are interested in a language exchange, I would be very happy to hear from you. We can also meet in person, which is much more interesting and easier.
Until then!
Umkreis:maximal 25 km

Meine Tandem-Erfahrung

Erfahrung:2+ Jahre
Warum suche ich Sprachpartner:Zum erlernen einer neuen Sprache.
Learning new languages.

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